Health and safety impacting the building industry

 Fire Code Updates
Within Australia and New Zealand there has been a focus from the National Construction Code (NCC) and the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) on implementing a stricter regime for fire safety in building design and construction. These changes are now impacting the selection of products for many projects and we have seen a rise in enquiries searching for Group 1  & 1-S rated products.

To aid the design community and deliver peace of mind Austaron Surfaces took the initiative in March 2020 to undergo fire testing for our Staron Solid Surface to align with the updated requirements. The strict new expectations meant our Mario Romano Walls created by routing designs within our Staron Solid Surface also required additional certification. Staron underwent full room testing at Melbourne’s Warringtonfire facilities and both Staron and Mario Romano Walls achieved the following results.

Group 1 fire certificate result, tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705:2003 and classified in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015 certification for Australia

Group 1S fire certificate result, tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705:2003 and classified in accordance with C/VM2 verification method for New Zealand.

Silicosis Updates
Additionally, within Australia the National Dust Disease Taskforce (NDDT) and within New Zealand a joint initiative between ACC, WorkSafe and the Ministry of Health has undergone extensive research to implement better workplace safety requirements due to the emerging trend in new cases of accelerated silicosis in Australia. This has seen a lot of research within the design community and building industry for safer products. Staron Solid Surface created by Lotte Chemical is manufactured under strict processing procedures from a safe natural mineral refined from Bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin to create a high-performance solid surface; Staron is free from harmful silica and in addition, does not contain polyester.

Group 1 Fire Certificate result to AS5637.1

Group 1S Fire Certificate result to C/VM2

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