Supreme Delphi (VD111)

Please note our clearance stock quantity changes constantly. Contact your representative to check for availability.


  • Price Group 6
  • Weatherability Rate – Group A
  • Illumination Opportunity
  • Some designs in the supreme range have the inclusion of a heavy undulating pattern or veining. In some instances, the joining of sheet product in this range may show a break in the design similar to a stone product.
    Please note the join is still seamless, this is just a visual variation.
  • When selecting from the Staron range for your project we recommend care be taken for placement of dark and heavily pigmented colours.
    Dark colours tend to show wear and tear more readily in high use horizontal areas such as kitchen benchtops.
The most common size sheet supplied is 3680mm x 760mm x 12mm, this size is used for most projects. Staron is seamlessly joined and edges built up as required for your desired thickness, click here for examples of benchtop profiles.

Below are a few other sizes available, if you think these sizes are relevant for your specific project check availability with your representative. Other options are available for large projects and can be discussed project specific.

Group 1 Fire Certificate result to AS5637.1
Group 1S Fire Certificate result to C/VM2
Silica & Polyester Free