Features & Benefits

Mario Romano Walls offers a user-friendly solution for creating texture in walls and more

Explore Mario Romano Walls to learn about its features and benefits for your next project.

Quick and easy installation

Compared to tiles, the quick and easy installation of Mario Romano Walls means less down time for the room’s occupants.

Mario Romano Walls
Manufactured into large panels and fixed directly with silicone to a substrate for quick installation. Each panel is guided to sit beside adjoining pieces with the clever puzzle-like connection. Grouting is not required; joins are inconspicuously nestled within the pattern for a tight connection.

Mario Romano Fins
Adding another dimension for wall cladding, Mario Romano in Fins allow for the selected design to be created into long linear panels that are mechanically fixed in place. Each panel with its distinctive design sits above the preceding panel with a small overlap. Flowing across the wall and connecting panel to panel Fins offer another element to apply 3-dimensional design to.


No painting or sealing required

Mario Romano Walls are non-porous, Hygienic and stain resistant

Well known for its durability within many areas of the building sector, Staron Solid Surface is the ultimate surface for textured walls.
Designs are carved directly in Staron using a CNC router, Mario Romano designs are routed using either a V-cutter for a deeper texture or a B-cutter for a shallower texture.

Bathrooms and wet areas

Mario Romano Walls is an excellent alternative to tiles for bathroom wall applications.

Impervious to water and free from grout, Mario Romano Walls is a great way to bring texture to wet areas and make cleaning a breeze.
Not just limited to walls, designs can be implemented into joinery and other feature areas.


Looking for alternative products for kitchen splashbacks?

Mario Romano designs can be applied to splashbacks and paired with your selected bench top material. For anyone looking for ways to eliminate silicone form the back of the benchtop, a Mario Romano splashback can be joined seamlessly to a coved Staron benchtop.

Exterior applications

Excellent UV stability for the great outdoors.

Mario Romano Walls is a great option for adding texture to outdoor applications. Additionally, with the combined benefits of being suitable for use in wet areas, Mario Romano Walls is an exceptional surface for water features.

Refer to our outdoor collection for available colours when selecting from the Staron range.

Curve it

The ability to curve Mario Romano Walls gives even more design options.

Not just for straight walls, through a heating process, Mario Romano Walls can be moulded and manipulated into flowing curves, once cooled it retains the new form.

Signage & Custom Designs

With Mario Romano Walls signage can be easily imbedded into the design.

Within our design process we can offer options for anyone looking to incorporate signage into a project. In addition, we can collaborate for custom wall designs should a more tailored design be in consideration.


Processed Locally
Silica & Polyester Free
Hygienic & Stain Resistant
Seamless Design Flexibility
Illumination Opportunity
Colour Versatility
Unlimited Scale
Biophilic Design