About Organoid Natural Surfaces

Manufactured using natural materials such as Alpine hay, flower petals and herbs to name a few, Organoid surfaces are pure sensory pleasures for people, you can see it, feel it, and smell it. The natural surfaces of Organoid are perfectly suited to decorative wall, joinery and acoustic design with flooring options also available. Organoid natural surfaces create a good atmosphere and support health, they can help reduce stress, lighten the mood, and increase concentration with their natural aesthetics and impressive designs Organoid Surfaces will make any room come alive. Organoid natural surfaces represent 100% sustainability, authenticity, and a close relationship with nature and untreated natural materials.

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Organoid’s mission: To connect what belongs together, humans & nature.

Materials for Perfect Natural Interior Design

Natural surfaces by Organoid unite the aesthetics and positive power of natural materials with functional interior design. They maintain their natural properties, their scent, look and touch – which then can also be experienced in indoor spaces. The natural surfaces are available in unique designs.

Different backing materials make them well-suited for various applications in interior design: as wallpapers, decorative veneers,  acoustic elements and  flooring applications.  Organoid Natural Surfaces also store CO2, with one tonne of dried hay storing around 1,500kg of carbon dioxide. Organoid products can therefore not only be described as climate-neutral, but even as climate positive.

Where it all began?

United by a common goal, Founders Christoph Egger and Martin Jehart’s relationship formed with the passion for doing something meaningful and sustainable for people.

In 2012, Christoph and Martin started experimenting with organic shapes, investigation into natural surfaces began in a barn, the perfect setting for the beginning of their journey of natural surfaces. With support from Alexandra Jehart and Marco Unterlercher, after several years of product research and development Organoid natural surfaces emerged. Moving to new headquarters in 2014, Organoid is placed in the beautiful Austrian Alps, surrounded by inspiration for Organoid Natural Surfaces.

Presenting their Natural surfaces at Euroshop in 2018 for the first time, the response from attendees was tremendous, 2020 founded the start of a Pilot production facility for their rolled goods. Officially kicking off in 2022 CEO Team, Christoph Egger & Florian Föger are supported by likeminded colleagues that all share a passion for the beauty and benefits of Organoid Natural Surfaces.

Christoph Egger & Florian Föger

Experience & Enjoy

Turning real Alpine hay, colourful flowers and leaves into fragrant natural surfaces for interior design. The untreated natural fibres keep their positive characteristics through the production process. Their look, feel and scent make positive memories of great experiences in nature come alive.


“The word ORGANOID is made up of “organic”, meaning natural, and the suffix “-oid” (ancient Greek for similar). Our natural surfaces represent 100 % sustainability, authenticity, a close relationship with nature and untreated natural materials.”

Natural Materials for Sustainable Interior Design

We humans are always looking to feel cozy and at ease – be it at home, at work or during our spare time. On average, we spend over 90% of our everyday lives indoors. This is why our indoor spaces and our surroundings are vital. Organoid natural surfaces combine aesthetics and the positive qualities of natural materials with functional interior design. An interior that incorporates nature helps us relax and feel at home.

Organoid is Certified Climatepartner

Organoid is a  climate-neutral company, and all of their products are climate-neutral. How does that work exactly? Together with ClimatePartner, Organoid monitored the CO2 emissions of their company and drew up a Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). This includes heating, energy consumption, commuting, business trips and office supplies. Wherever possible, Organoid avoid and reduce these emissions, updating their CCF on a regular basis. All unavoidable CO2 emissions are offset by supporting a climate protection project.

Organoid products are marked with the independent label “climate-neutral”, so customers can track their climate neutrality and learn more about the climate protection project. Providing the highest possible level of transparency about the climate neutrality of the company and their products.

Learn more about Organoid ClimatePartner-Certification and the projects they support.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

“Climate change affects all of us. It is up to us today to protect the Earth for future generations and use resources carefully. We do our part to mitigate global warming und fulfil the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. With our products and trade, we have set the following 9 challenges as our sustainability goals:” Christoph Egger. 

 Visit the Organoid official website to learn more about Organoid commitment to sustainability and more information about the SDGs here.

Organoid Marketing Tools

Exprience real samples in a high-quality Organoid Collection Book, Collection Card, Brochure, and LookBook. We have all you need to inspire your clients with your product presentation.

Would you like to see, feel, smell and experience the natural materials firsthand and let yourself be inspired?

Get in touch with our team to arrange a personal presentation. Alternatively Organoid marketing tools are also available for purchase.

Got a Project to Discuss?

Organoid Natural Surfaces are made in Austria, Organoid support local agriculture, work with renewable materials and is 100% climate neutral.

The collection of designs is suited for applications within commercial and residential projects. With a short lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks, the collection of non-stocked designs can be considered for projects.

Do you think Organoid natural surfaces would match your concept and would you like to feel, smell and experience our materials firsthand?

Get in touch with our team and book an appointment to view the range and discuss your upcoming project today!

The Journey From the Mountain Into the Valley and the Whole World


Made in Austria
Carbon Neutral
FSC - Mix Paper From Responsible Sources
Ethically Sourced
Direct Trade With Farmers
Hand Crafted
Renewable Materials
Organic Natural Materials
Eco Conscious Manufacturing
Aromatic & Tactile
Biophilic Design
Acoustic Design Compatibility


Projects with Organoid®

Beautiful functionality with organoid natural surfaces

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Improving life with plants and organoid for a feel-good fitout
Plantagen, known as Plantasjen in the Scandinavian region, is a prominent distributor of plants and accessories across Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

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