RE/8 Bio-circular Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile® is used to create,

divide and protect building interiors and exteriors.

Delivering exceptional performance paired with aesthetics on both a micro and macro level

No Size Limitations

Join free, interlocking rings, creating a modern chainmail fabric without size limitations

Not limited by panel size, screens are manufactured to any height or width without joins. This gives complete freedom at design concept stage that other materials don’t. Making the screens to the required size means less structure requirements, less fixings, and less time on site.


No rust or corrosion worries, lightweight and strong

RE/8 architectural mesh is extremely robust and scratch resistant. One ring can take around 50kgs which accumulates, the larger the screen the stronger it is, and it is only 3kg per square meter. The mesh doesn’t suffer movement fatigue and the colours are built-in so won’t fade or scratch off. Made of an engineering grade polycarbonate means it’s perfect for coastal environments and won’t rust.

Visual Transparency and Privacy Screening



Unlike traditional two-dimensional perforated steel panels, the 3-dimensional nature of RE/8 architectural mesh gives a consistent visual open area, providing unobstructed views from the inside out.

RE/8 architectural mesh has a visual open area of 25% and is a great solution for privacy screening. Designing for privacy is maximised when the screen has a darker wall behind, and incoming light pollution is minimised from the top and sides of the screen.

Exterior and Solar Protection

3-dimensional design assisting to maximise protection

RE/8 architectural mesh façade system has been shown to deflect up to 70% of visible and infrared light waves, which are linked to overheating. RE/8 architectural mesh is made from a high-grade polycarbonate, compared to steel panel products, the mesh does not retain and store heat.

With it’s 3-dimensional mesh structure, a high proportion of the mesh surface area is always in shade, which helps to control temperatures. In addition, as air passes through the cross-sectional open area, it provides a cooling effect. The 3-dimensional structure to the mesh also assists with airflow properties, achieving up to 70% for even greater cooling benefits.

Easy to Install

With its lightweight nature, this mesh goes up fast

Requiring simple fixing systems for installation, RE/8 architectural mesh does not need the same level of subframe as metal products do. This means the installed rate is more cost effective than metal or glass panel products. Attachment methods for both exterior and interior systems are based around two systems that utilise tube and hooks or extruded aluminium fixings


Made in New Zealand
Group 1s Fire Certificate Result to ISO9705 Room Test
High Airflow
Quick & Easy Installation
70% Solar Reduction
Unlimited Size & Scale
Eco Conscious Manufacturing
Extremely Strong
Corrosion Free