About RE/8 Bio-circular Architectural Mesh by Kaynemaile®

RE/8™ Bio-circular Architectural Mesh is unlike any other. As the experts of architectural mesh, this state-of-the-art product is the result of 60 years’ worth of material science and extensive research. This one-of-a-kind material features a series of polycarbonate rings that seamlessly interlink to form a modern chainmail fabric. Its resulting strength and high flexibility offer unlimited design potential for illustrious celling features and elegant interior screens, ideal for partitions and space dividers within interiors applications. In addition, RE/8 Architectural Mesh is so durable it can also provide screening and building protection for exterior project applications adding a new dimension to these environments.

A Unique Innovation

Kaynemaile’s RE/8™ bio-circular architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. Made with a high grade engineering polycarbonate it has over 60-years of material science and research to call on — “we know our mesh inside out. We’ve undertaken extensive laboratory and field tests to ensure the product works and we keep testing it every day. It’s also award-winning!”

Kayne Horsham

About Kayne

Kayne Horsham

A little over two decades ago, artistic director, Kayne Horsham was working on the set of the beloved trilogy, Lord of The Rings, where he discovered his love for chainmail material and it’s sculptural capabilities through future-forward technology and expert engineering. After his time on set, Kayne took this creative spirit and undying passion for material innovation and brought it to the world of architecture and design. Along the way, he found himself deep in research, exploring and discovering every intricate detail of chainmail. The result? A limitless 3D material of solid polycarbonate resin rings with no joints or seams. AKA: Kaynemaile.

With a dream to further advancements for an even more sustainable future – In 2023  Kaynemaile announced their improved RE/8 architectural mesh,  comprised of an industry-first ISCC PLUS Bio-circular Makrolon RE by Covestro, a leading global producer of advanced polymers.

Social and Environmental Impact

A New Era in Building Materials RE/8™ bio-circular architectural mesh by Kaynemaile®, is a cutting-edge building material ushering in a new era of sustainability. Crafted from a bio-circular polycarbonate, this mesh represents a breakthrough in eco-conscious construction. Derived from an ISCC Plus certified bio-waste supply chain, it’s essentially a new, clean material.

Find out more about Kaynemaile’s Sustainability Initiatives.

RE/8™ bio-circular architectural mesh by Kaynemaile® supply chain

Made with Renewable Energy

RE/8 Architectural Mesh is proudly made in New Zealand – home to one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world. In 2016, 85% of NZ electricity was generated from renewable wind, hydro and geothermal sources*. Their mesh is made and remade using this clean energy.

*source: MBIE Energy in New Zealand Report 2018

Recycled and Reused

Kaynemaile wants to keep as much as they can out of landfill – that’s why, at its end-of-life, RE/8 Architectural Mesh can be recycled and reused. They also re-process the offcuts of mesh from the production process in-house.

As their mesh is made from a single-chain polymer, the material can be effectively cleaned back to its original state – using the same process that was used to produce it originally. This includes each of the colours that are used – which are all carbon-based and can be stripped out using low-energy processes and fed back in as virgin materials.

Operation Clean Sweep Accreditation

Kaynemaile has been independently audited as part of the Operation Clean Sweep programme and has committed to adopting recommended practices to keep raw materials and other pollutants out of New Zealand waterways and oceans.

More on the programme here →

Social Responsibility

They make everything in Petone, their New Zealand factory so they can have complete control over the supply chain and working conditions.

All permanent workshop staff employed by Kaynemaile are paid above the New Zealand living wage.

Made locally and supporting local business

RE/8 Architectural Mesh is proudly 100% designed and made in New Zealand.

Efficient manufacturing

RE/8 Architectural Mesh is created using a unique manufacturing process. This means Kaynemaile only produce what they need, creating minimal waste. They recycle their own re-ground waste in-house which is then used to create new mesh.


Made in New Zealand
Group 1s Fire Certificate Result to ISO9705 Room Test
High Airflow
Quick & Easy Installation
70% Solar Reduction
Unlimited Size & Scale
Eco Conscious Manufacturing
Extremely Strong
Corrosion Free


Projects with RE/8Architectural Mesh

Double Bay Residence II — Solar Shading

With up to 70% solar reduction and simple fixing systems our RE/8 Architectural Mesh screens are perfect for residential solar shading.

Hudson Office Screening

Inspiration for the interior came from Queensland’s coastal beauty and natural landscapes. Beautifully soft timber tones, textured wall panelling and stone effect paint finishes create a light and airy feel.

Function Well Gym

Creating smaller, intimate spaces within larger open-plan areas is easy with RE/8 Architectural Mesh.

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