About Mario Romano Walls

Exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Austaron Surfaces, Mario Romano Walls is an offering of meticulously created designs able to be carved into Staron Solid Surface. A breakout design language that is created by an innovative manufacturing process. The beautifully carved textures and eye-catching detail of the multi-dimensional patterns have the ability to transform a space. The remarkable visual potential of Mario Romano Walls combines the captivating aesthetic of fine art with the high-end performance of Staron Solid Surface. Mario Romano Walls collection of designs lock together like a puzzle for a seamless visual, alternatively incorporate our range into Fins to embrace linear overlapping layers.

Mario Romano Walls

Like a large puzzle, each panel is carved and fits perfectly alongside adjoining pieces to achieve a seamless design for both linear and organic patterns.

Mario Romano Walls (Fin Design)

This technique is perfect for exterior applications and requires no adhesive for bonding, panels are directly screwed into the substrate and then overlap one another concealing the mechanical connections.


Group 1 Fire Certificate result to AS5637.1
Group 1S Fire Certificate result to C/VM2
Colour Versatility
Seamless Design Flexibility
Illumination & Routing Opportunity
Hygienic & Stain Resistant
Unlimited Scale
Repairable & 10 Year Limited Warranty
Greenguard Certified
Greenguard Gold Certified
Certified by National Sanitation Foundation for Food Safety
Silica Free & Polyester Free

Mario Romano

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About Mario Romano

Mario Romano is an innovative designer and builder based in Santa Monica specialising in digital fabrication, architecture and construction.
Mario has designed and built over 50 million dollars worth of high-end luxury homes.

Spending time within the design sector, Mario has been able to learn about, and understand many products and how they can be utilised within the design process.

With a passion and drive for creativity and an understanding of the parameters of Solid Surface, Mario Romano brings walls to life. The outcome is both a visual and tactile experience that in addition delivers practicality. An artistic talent and knowledge of product capabilities has seen the inception of Mario Romano Walls, winning Mario a BIMSMITH Best Award from KBIS 2019.

About the team

Mario Romano is surrounded by a creative team with various backgrounds within the design, CAD technology, manufacturing and installation process. The Team work together to push the boundaries, transform spaces and captivate the senses.

Left to right: Alejandro Hamm, Mario Romano, Sawyer Romano, Carlo Gomez, Chris Wellman and Kamila Weiss

Projects with Mario Romano Walls

Bathroom fitout

The Hex design flows beautifully with the additional elements in the room and grout has been eliminated from these walls.

Hallway upgrade

Creating textured artwork in Mario Romano Walls with Lake design cleverly conceals the cupboards in this hallway.

The Brisbane Lions

Custom design of the Brisbane Lions logo for the VIP section at Gabba Stadium.