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Organoid sources the finest alpine hay and flower petals directly from local farmers and suppliers situated in the Kaunergrat Nature Park in Austria. Harvesting once a year this annual process takes place in August, involving meticulous mowing and manual harvesting due to the steep terrain. This not only ensures the high quality of the materials but also contributes to the maintenance of the mountain meadows, playing a crucial role in reducing the risk of winter avalanches.

Pure Sensual Pleasure

The Natural surfaces and authenticity of Organoid are characteristics due to the gentle production process which largely preserves the properties of the raw materials.

Organoid surfaces release their natural fragrance depending on the raw material used. With our finest sense, we perceive delicate and beautiful aromas of materials, such as, fresh alpine hay, sweet rose, refreshing lemon and stimulating coffee.

At first glance it is a moment recognised by nature lovers to pause and enjoy all these natural materials.

Natural Product

Sourcing renewable materials and upcycling of product manufacturing waste, the Organoid offering of surfaces are made using Alpine hay, roses, cornflowers, moss, hops, daisies, coffee bean grinds, lavender, Ficus and grape vine leaves just to name a few from the collection.

Organoid surfaces are manufactured without sealing. This ensures that the natural fibres can be experienced by touch.

Wallpaper Reimagined

The thin natural surfaces are pressed onto various backings and easily applied in the same way as traditional wall papers. Select from Natural Flax Fleece Backing, breathable backing made from 100% flax. Ecofleece, made from recycled cellulose and textile fibres.

Bring the outdoors inside with the impressive collection of designs from the Austrian Alps. Organoid natural surfaces offer increased connectivity to nature for Biophilic design and sustainable building for interior applications.

Learn more about Wallpaper Installation on variations of backing and there are also practical downloadable PDFs and video-tutorials available for download.

Veneer for Joinery Design

Organoid natural surfaces are a perfect partner to joinery design complementing many other surfaces. The large range of designs are a great option for full size doors and panels or perfect for adding highlights within joinery design.

The Flexi and Eco-Fleece backings flow with ease around curves, adhered to surfaces the possibilities are endless.

Acoustic Compatible

Natural surfaces combined with effective sound absorption for acoustic design. Almost all Organoid Natural surfaces are suitable as a top layer for acoustic elements. Acoustic products can be suspended from the ceiling, attached to large wall areas or act as a decorative element on furniture, doors and walls.

Flooring Design

Experience Organoid with your feet! Natural surfaces pressed onto floor panels. The warmth of Organoid natural surfaces can also be enjoyed in various flooring applications, for a calm and earthy interior.

PUR-sealed floor panels are available for floating installation or supplied on a cork base for glued floors. The standard design for all floor products is the “hay look” with the natural surface Wildspitze. The hard-wearing floor covering is suitable for Class 32 (EN 16511 Certification) applications.

Lighting Design Backlighting/Face Lighting

The beautiful collection of surfaces is excellent for the creation of custom lighting features within many aspects of design.

The surface texture of Organoid is even more intriguing with the addition of face lighting. Just a small amount of lighting creates a fascinating play on light and shadows. Additionally, nearly all the range will deliver a degree of back lighting opportunity of varying degree, extending the design potential of the range.

Ceiling Feature

Ceiling design just got even more exciting with the introduction of Organoid Natural Surfaces. It is hard not to feel relaxed when surrounded by nature, create a captivating visual to stimulate the imagination for a tranquil bedroom setting or day spa. Team with lighting design and acoustics to create calming and inviting environments, perfectly suited across a multitude of design outcomes.

Privacy Screening

A collection of designs on translucent self-adhesive backing is an excellent solution for various privacy screening applications. Easily applied onto glass the designs offer a natural way to create interest on transparent surfaces. The collection of self-adhesive designs is also an excellent option to adhere to many other backing surfaces maximising the design potential. This collection is well suited for back-lit applications.


With many designs available to purchase by the linear metre it’s easy to spice up furniture, lighting and homewares. Organoid offers a world of opportunity for new furniture design and in addition the collection of designs can add a new lease on life to old and worn items. For anyone that enjoys upcycling, Organoid natural surfaces is a perfect addition for the creation of bespoke furniture.

Creative and Upcycling of Off Cuts

Unlock Your Creativity with Organoid Natural Surfaces, discover the limitless potential of Organoid natural surfaces for your creative product design needs. These innovative materials are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of packaging, signage, menus, retail shopping tags, book covers, and more. Whether your brand focuses on fair trade, organic, natural, vegan products, or caters to food and wine lovers, incorporating Organoid natural surfaces can add a unique touch to your offerings, enriching your product’s story and enhancing the customer experience.


Made in Austria
Carbon Neutral
FSC - Mix Paper From Responsible Sources
Ethically Sourced
Direct Trade With Farmers
Hand Crafted
Renewable Materials
Organic Natural Materials
Eco Conscious Manufacturing
Aromatic & Tactile
Biophilic Design
Acoustic Design Compatibility

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