George Town Hub, Child and Family Centre

Specified by: Alex Miles
Location: Town Hub Child and Family Centre, Tasmania, Australia
Staron Colour & Application:
Sanded Cream and Sanded Heron, outdoor play space

Alex Miles was commissioned by the Tasmanian Government as part of the Tasmanian Government Art Site scheme to produce an interactive, outdoor sculptural work for the newly completed George Town Hub Child and Family Centre. With the known benefits of Staron Solid Surface in an outdoor application, Alex selected complimenting colours to create her artwork which she called ‘Friends, Family and Something Fishy’.
Alex designed five illustrative ‘totems’ that depict native animals, local landmarks, and familiar people from the community. Each is comprised of movable boxes that rotate and mix and match to form new and fun combinations for children to interact with. The boxes were fabricated completely in Staron® colours Sanded Cream and Sanded Heron. Staron® was selected as it provided a durable, smooth finish and the illustrations could be routed directly into the surface.

Staron Solid Surface Selection:

Sanded Cream (SM421)

Sanded Heron* (SH428)