Designed by Sammi Shuai

­čĆć Staron Design Award Winner 2023 – Concept Category

Sammi’s depiction of an exhibition entry hall reflects the extensive research and dedication put into understanding the design possibilities of solid surfaces.

Her design concept aimed to create a futuristic and dynamic space, featuring a distinctive reception counter crafted with Staron Metallic Yukon. This selection was made for its smooth, polished surface, offering both comfort and a gentle curve that infuses the exhibition hall with a sense of dynamism and sleekness. These curves seamlessly extend into the wall and display shelving.

In line with the building’s geometric structure, small holes and swirling shapes were intricately cut into the ceiling surface to allow natural light to permeate the interior. The soft white finish harmoniously envelops the entire space, lending a touch of luxury and elegance to the room.

The choice of Staron Solid Surfaces as the primary material was deliberate, given its exceptional thermoforming and seamless joining properties. This design is a testament to a deep understanding of working with Staron Solid Surfaces, resulting in a truly impactful and innovative concept.

Staron Solid Surface Selection:

Metallic Yukon (EY510)