Vibrant & Creative

Designer: Yuliya Tkachenko, Ater.architects
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Application: Vanity

Located in Ukraine, this home belongs to a young family keen on fashion, music, and contemporary art. The apartment occupies a two-level space of 100 m² at a new residential complex. The design criteria for the main bathroom was to create a dramatic bathroom space that impressed guests. With this in mind, Ater.architects envisioned bright colours and interesting patterns. The walls were created from brightly coloured concrete blocks and an art-like polygonal mirror placed on the wall next to a ‘cheeky dancing monkey’ resin lamp. A stunning wall-mounted vanity was designed and when the designer searched for a material to create it with, Staron Solid Surfaces provided a unique colour with Mosaic Dalmatian. The design and performance benefits of Staron also allow for no open joins, a non-porous nature perfect for wet areas and mold resistance. The overall design is a vibrant and creative bathroom space that performs well in the environment it is in, while also meeting the aesthetic desires of the client.

Staron Solid Surface Selection:

Mosaic Dalmatian (QD212)