Staron Evermoin®

Evermoin is perfect for many applications on its own or teamed with Staron to deliver a functional and renewable material that is durable as well as ultra-hygienic. Achieving the perfect blend of simplicity in design with an antimicrobial surface engineered for a healthier life.

Staron Care-free Zone concept featuring Evermoin has won a prestigious Red Dot Award 2021

The award-winning concept of a face-to-face meeting-space design solution suitable for the COVID-19 era. The meeting space boasts a special antibacterial material produced by LOTTE Chemical, combining Evermoin and our Standard Staron colour range for the ultimate healthy application.
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Heightened Hygienic Kills over 99% Bacteria
Group 1 Fire Certificate result to AS5637.1
Greenguard Certified
Silica Free & Polyester Free

Certified by the US Food & Drug Administration

Certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency

Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for food safety

Ultra Bright


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