Cafe by Dune Building Design in collaboration with Rork Projects

Design by: Dune Building Design in collaboration with Rork Projects

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia

Staron Application: Servery benchtop, clad to cabinetry

Staron Colours: Sunflower

The design of Indo Café has been completed by Dune Building Design in collaboration with Rork Projects. This food outlet is located in the recently refurbished food court in the Canberra Centre ACT. The standout feature piece about this project is a distinct and elegant graphic design that has been routed directly into Staron in vivid colour – Sunflower.

Staron has been wrapped around the counter and the surface continues all the way up to the benchtop areas. The surface also extends around a curved front of house counter with a flip-up, and swing door, all so clad in Staron. The front bench space has a utility area used to store utensils and napkins. The cut-outs are all clad with Staron so that this storage area extends to the servery in one continuous and integrated surface. The durable nature of the material makes it the perfect surface solution for this busy food court application.

The vivid colour works well with and complements the other materials and colours used in the project. From the new 17 food outlets, Indo Café is striking and noticeable from the other fit-outs. The use of Staron combined with the design features has resulted in a unique modern bar/restaurant feel. Congratulations to Dune Building Design and Rork Projects for this outstanding design.

Staron Solid Surface Selection:

Sunflower (SS042)

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