Embracing the benefits of nature for creating a tranquil retreat

Project: Molin Naturhotel

Location: St. Johann/South Tyrol/Italy

Application – Wall and Ceiling

Hotel Molin provides its guests with a serene escape, allowing them to pause and immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural surroundings. With such stunning scenery, it’s no surprise that the hotel places a strong emphasis on maintaining a deep connection to the great outdoors.

With a strong focus on creating a natural, airy ambiance for the hotel’s interior, Nature Hotel Molin delivers a rejuvenating experience for its guests. Their choice of Wildspitze light, set against a backdrop of natural flax, brings a touch of the Alpine outdoors inside. This carefully selected blend of loosely scattered Alpine hay is a perfect fit for large wall and ceiling applications, seamlessly integrating with the overall interior design of the hotel.

From the reception area to the restaurant and guest rooms, Wildspitze light has been applied to many walls and ceiling applications, infusing these spaces with a comforting natural warmth that beautifully complements other thoughtfully chosen products and surfaces.

Natural Surface in This Project:

WILDSPITZE LIGHT on Natural Flax Fleece

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