Improving life with Plants and Organoid for a feel-good fitout

Project: Plantagen

Location: Sweden



Photography: LASSE OLSSON

Organoid Distributor: POGM – Pieces of Green Materials

Application – Acoustic, Screening and Joinery

Plantagen, known as Plantasjen in the Scandinavian region, is a prominent distributor of plants and accessories across Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Their commitment to the world of flora is not only evident in their product offerings but also in how they’ve incorporated Organoid natural surfaces into their workspace, creating a pleasant working environment and promoting a healthier indoor climate.

For privacy screens, they opted for Skelettblatta with self-adhesive backing, a unique solution crafted from actual rubber tree leaves (ficus). This choice seamlessly combines elegance with a natural aesthetic, offering an effective and visually pleasing privacy screen. Additionally, they chose ROASNBLIATN light to enhance the meeting room’s ambiance, providing a delicate surface that improves focus and creates a soothing atmosphere.

To add intrigue to their cabinets, a collection of front panels has been enriched with the scents of alpine hay and beautiful flowers. This attention to detail means that even during the daily walk to the office’s filing systems, there is a connection to nature. For moments of relaxation, the cozy lounge provides a space to unwind. The use of real wool from mountain sheep in the wall design not only contributes to an improved indoor climate but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. This project beautifully demonstrates how the various designs in the Organoid Range can seamlessly come together to create a natural environment for everyone to enjoy.

Natural Surface in This Project:


staron solid surface terrazzo venezia colour sample swatch


SKELETTBLATTLA on Translucent Self-Adhesive

staron solid surface terrazzo venezia colour sample swatch

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