Washoku Souten, Tokyo

Located within The Prince Gallery luxury hotel in Tokyo, Japan, Acrylic Couture has been featured in the Washoku Souten Japanese cuisine restaurant to create elegant and unique features that oozes elegance.

Acrylic Couture in Etoile Ice has been used in multiple lighting features in panels that have been framed in steel and LED lighting to illuminate the material. Placed above the dining space, the Acrylic Couture creates a grand sophistication and dramatic feature that reflects the hotel’s luxury brand. Etoile Ice has also been featured to create privacy screens for a private dining area. The Acrylic Couture offers privacy while still maintaining translucency through the material to keep the space feeling open and connected to the aesthetic of the restaurant. The beautiful finish and ease of maintenance make Acrylic Couture the perfect feature for this restaurant application.

Acrylic Couture Selection: Etoile, Ice