Refining textures to connect indoor & outdoor design

Turning a house into a home is something the team at Darren James Interiors has been doing for their clients for many years. Recently, Darren and Elissa had the task of creating a brand-new home of their own. Of course, they have renovated many personal spaces over the years; however, the Bayview One project was a new leap for the duo.

With a love of the outdoors and an inherent connection to textures, both in visual and textural importance, meticulous attention to detail is always paramount.

The alfresco area of this home flows beautifully from the kitchen and living area. With plenty of privacy around the pool and pockets of greenery and landscaping, the space is very enticing.

Combining details from the home’s front façade, the selection for Blackbutt timber and white painted brick, ties this area to the overall aesthetics of the home’s exterior.

Additionally, connecting interior elements of the home to the alfresco dining area was important. The outdoor kitchen showcases the same curved rangehood detail, while the selection of Staron Solid Surface in Bright White flows from the interior joinery to the outdoor benchtop. Not only does the Staron Solid Surface connect back to kitchen elements, but it also adds another layer of white to play with in the outdoor environment.

Although Queensland is renowned for its beautiful one day, perfect the next weather, the addition of a large motorized external blind enables the family to close in the space. On days that the outdoor elements are not so perfect, the alfresco area remains a functional part of the home.