Solar Protection with Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh

Contemporary design and high performance define Kaynemaile exterior Screens for residential projects. Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh provides energy-efficient solar protection and assist with privacy.

The Kaynemaile mesh facade system provides a cost-effective method to significantly improve the thermal environment inside a building, by reducing radiant heat transfer from direct sunlight. Its unique design lets daylight in while allowing management of the passive solar gain within the building envelope — all while maintaining visual transparency.

How Kaynemaile Mesh works to keep buildings cooler.

Deflecting sunlight: The Kaynemaile mesh facade system has been shown to deflect up to 70% of visible and infrared light waves, which are linked to overheating. The Kaynemaile mesh system provides an alternative route to solar gain protection.

Insulative properties: Compared to steel panel products which tend to store and radiate heat, Kaynemaile mesh is made from a high-grade polycarbonate which has more insulative properties and helps to further reduce heat build-up and lower climate control running costs.

Shading properties: With a three-dimensional mesh structure, a high proportion of the mesh surface area is always in shade, which helps to control temperatures. In addition, as air passes through the cross-sectional open area, it provides a cooling effect.

Airflow properties:

A typical two-dimensional steel mesh or perforated sheet offers much lower visible open area and significantly less airflow. In some applications the three-dimensional structure of Kaynemaile mesh can achieve up to 80% air flow for even greater cooling benefits.

Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh delivers a new level of design opportunity to building exteriors, additionally, it is lightweight and easily retrofitted to existing buildings. Seamless in design, the mesh can be manufactured in very large single pieces which gives significant design freedom.