Tips for specifying Staron Solid Surface in flood resilient design

Water damage to properties can come in many forms, from the one in 100-year floods that seem to come a lot more frequently these days, to the overflow of a sink or a leaky roof that can cause damage to flooring, cabinetry and other items.

Humidity can also be a burden to many surfaces and can create areas of mildew over all sorts of furniture items.

The impact on our buildings can be overwhelming. The Flood Resilient Building Guide for Queensland Homes recognises the benefits Acrylic Solid Surface can have to benchtop applications within the home. Below are some tips on benchtop applications along with some additional areas around the home that Staron Solid Surface may be considered for.

Staron Solid Surface is a durable and versatile product that is made from safe natural minerals refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin to create a high-performance solid surface. Staron is unaffected by water damage due to its non-porous attributes; this inherent hygienic quality makes it a first choice in many projects.

Part 2 – Flood resilient strategies – Flood resilient materials 15.1

Install water-resistant cabinetry # Strategies include: • water resistant and waterproof materials • raise cabinetry above the possible flood line • design removable cabinetry below the possible flood line, which is able to be transported to storage areas above the possible flood line • install removable kick plates to enable cleaning under cabinetry.


Water-resistant benchtop on independent steel frame.

Tip – when selecting Staron Solid Surface for the benchtop, request for the support frame to be manufactured from Staron or alternate fully water-resistant product.
Issue addressed – Solid surface in most instances will have an MR-MDF/ply support frame built under the benchtop; the absorption of moisture will ultimately grow the size of this frame or solid support and cause unnecessary damage to the benchtop.

Additional benefits –

Staron Solid Surface can be repaired in most instances.

Tip – request offcuts of your Staron benchtop as future insurance should a repair ever be required. Colour ranges are always evolving and the required colour/s may not be available. We also recommend an offcut be supplied as a breadboard if there is sufficient material available.

Staron Solid Surface can be re-sanded to re-new the surface.

Joinery Kicks

FRG: Strategy15.1 – Recommendation.

Install removeable kick plates to enable cleaning under cabinetry.

Tip – select a complementing Staron colour for kicks, they can be made to increased heights if needed, incorporated with (plastic) feet installed under joinery. Staron Kicks will be unaffected by low lying water, include silicon to assist mud control, specify for kicks to be removeable for ease of cleaning after water subsides.

Continue kicks around cabinetry and eliminate gable ends, protecting the full foundation from suffering from water damage.

Staron can also be used as the full plinth and could be considered in certain applications.

Doors and Drawers

Staron can be incorporated into many drawer and door options; shallow cup hinges can fix directly to Staron and may assist for key areas.


FRG: Strategy 10 – recommendation

Install water resistant skirting

Tip – Staron is an excellent material for skirting, not only is it resistant to flood damage, it is also virtually maintenance free.

Internal walls 10.1 water-resistant linings

Staron is incorporated into wall linings across many commercial projects for its long-term durability and ease of maintenance.  For these projects Staron is often chemically clad to a substrate, Staron can also be used with alternate support and split battens.

Tip – Staron could be considered as an additional wall lining option within flood resilient homes. If selecting Staron for wall linings attach with mechanical fixings to substrate. Assess the weight and sheet size, apply smaller feature panels that can be handled with ease.

With careful design and planning, the panels could be removed for cleaning behind the application and re-installed by the homeowners. Staron Solid Surface can also be routed to achieve tongue and groove designs and other patterns.

The below commercial project is an example of how Staron can be attached to a framework that has been applied to concrete columns. On a smaller scale, this type of project could be interpreted as a residential project and allow for more design flexibility when building flood-resilient homes.

The Flood Resilient Guide has listed pros and cons to assist with your investigation. We have extended on the listed Pros and cons supplied in the resilience guide to assist greater research.

Durable, superior water and mould resistance qualities, Group 1:AS5637.1 & group1S:C/VM2 Fire Certification. Termite resilient – low maintenance, long-lasting, repairable, and renewable. UV stable, requires not sealers or painting and is Green Guard certified. Resistant to many chemical cleaners, however, a good quality dish liquid in warm water is all that is required to clean. From time to time a little jif or similar cleanser and diluted bleach may be called on for stubborn grim. Over 90 colours, patterns, and textures. Staron can be curved, carved and joined seamlessly for ultimate design flexibility and in addition can flow to many exterior applications.

More expensive than some alternative options. Austaron Surfaces are not able to comment on the environmental comparison without knowing what it is being compared to. Staron Solid Surface is manufactured from 2 main ingredients consisting of minerals refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin. Staron is silica-free and is easily recyclable into new products at end of life. Staron has a long-life expectancy and with good design for these environments will not become unnecessary land fill.