Innovation Collection

Staron® is manufactured by Lotte Chemical, a multinational & technologically advanced company that strives to innovate and create safe, fit for purpose materials. With this in mind, Lotte created the Staron® Innovation Collection that is made up of three specialised solid surfaces: Staron® Evermoin®, Staron® Super Flex & Staron® MED.

Staron Evermoin®

Advanced Antimicrobial Staron® Solid Surface Solution for healthcare

Evermoin provides all the attributes of Staron with an antibacterial inclusion that actively attacks bacteria. Assisting healthcare, aged care, educational, food and beverage projects along with public spaces.

Staron Super Flex Infinity

Advanced Solution for Dramatic Curves

Featuring superior thermoforming capabilities that can create the limitless possibilities of shapes and designs from the slightest curves to extreme bends with a 0mm radius for perfect folding.

Staron Marine Equipment Directive (MED)

Advanced Fire Retardant Solution for International Marine Industry

Staron Solid Surface is no stranger to the boating industry, many well-known Marine leisure craft manufacturers include Staron in various applications. Staron Marine Equipment Directive is certified to meet international maritime requirements for the shipping industry.